Safety is a key element in our transport system. That's why we have a satellite tracking system in our Coordination department, which uses next-generation technology for real-time location of all our units.

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Hydraulic winches are important for the DTM service. Our large fleet of units allows us to supply monthly thirty (30) to fifty (50) services:

  • DTM drilling equipment;
  • DTM pulling equipment;
  • DTM workover equipment;
  • DTM of pumping equipment "pump jacks".

Spec of our hydraulic winches:

  • RN80 hydraulic winches; RN130.
  • In cabin control Console (air controls on hydraulic functions).
  • External hydraulic valve to control the winch
  • Moving lights, sidelight.
  • Dual tool boxes underneath the chassis.
  • Front bumper for heavy loads on the site.

Derrick dolly: 2 axle dolly with 16 wheels for the transport of the complete derrick from location to location. It is a very efficient unit, it saves time and cost avoiding the assembly and disassembly of the derrick.


High Vacuum Truck

Our complete fleet of vacuum trucks (high vacuum) and combined vacuum (hot water/ high vacuum) allows us to offer our customers services like:

  • Cleaning bottom of tanks
  • Cleaning basements of pumping units
  • Handling and Cleanup of spills.
  • Cleaning of coolers with hot water and hose with ROSTOR nozzles and jets
  • Separation of solids and liquids.

Units spec of 3 and 4-axis:

  • Combined cleaning and hydrovacuum system that meets Canadian standards
  • VTB Hibon pumps
  • Large capacity Cyclone with fully open lid 12 ''.
  • Drain Valves, mounted on the front
  • Heating system for the cleaning water


The company provides telescopic cranes Service of all kind, all terrain, rough terrain and truck mounted cranes, capacity from 20 to 250 tons:

  • Loading of trucks.
  • Assembly / disassembly of 1000HPa 3500HP engines.
  • Work for the industry.
  • ssembly / disassembly of storage tanks.
  • Rig - up of equipment.
  • Installation in power generation / nuclear / industries and companies.
  • Coiled tubing services.

Technical specifications:

  • Cranes 20-250 tons. Capacity in 2 to 6 axles.
  • Telescopic boom from 20-100 meters, jibs of 8-36 meters on 40 °with own engines.
  • Steering system in all axles "crab-type" easy maneuverability on small spaces.
  • Configurations: 4x4; 6x4; 8x4; 6x8; 8x8; and 10x12.
  • Opration of the cranes with touch screen and joysticks.

Crawler cranes: Excellent performance and high mobility are the distinguishing features of the cranes Liebherr LR series. These cranes are suitable for a multitude of tasks, from work to lift up even types of dragline operations. New materials, precision and control systems components have optimized the technology to use and control.


Special Vehicles

Terminal Tractor: great mobility to operate within the location, being more efficient than a conventional truck for their operational distinctions, including the hydraulic 5. wheel to adjust the height of the loads and the feature to turn the operators seat with steering whell. It has a towing capacity of 180 tons.

Articulated bed trucks: allow a great maneuverability in the location providing more efficiency and safety than conventional bed trucks.

Bulk trailers, with integrated discharging system: a frac sand transport equipment characterized by having 10 compartments. Loaded by gravity and discharged by air or belt.

Snowcat: vehicle from Pistenbully for winter and summer use to handle and prepare the sites, more effiecient than any wheel loader